T&E Express allows to manage in a solid and simple way all the process that goes from the request of cash advance or the granting of a corporate credit card, to the effective expenses report, and money back from the employee or reimbursing the report.

Request and authorize cash advance

Request cash advance and attach to an expenses report.

Expenses report

Cash and Corporate card expenses. Can attach receipts.


Information and receipts are accessible without time and space limitations.

exchange rates

Automatic update of foreign currency exchange rates.


Report of kilometers

Included in the expense report for authorized people. Possibility of setup different prices by category and distance limit.


The software contains useful reports and also allows users to download datasets to create other reports with different analytics tools.

Assistant profile

Enables assistants to complete expenses report on behalf of their superiors for further approval.

Flexible workflows

Possibility to configurate different levels of approval by the amount of the cash advance request or expenses report.


Automatic notifications of all transactions and reminders by email (fully integrated).

Integrated with other softwares

can be integrated with other softwares thanks to our public APIs

Business gifts

The software has a G&E Module (workflow to administrate gifts & entertainment given or received).


Environment enables countries with different business rules to share approvers.

Integration with main credit cards

Corporate credit card expenses reports are automatically prepared by the tool.

Expenses amount limit

Possibility to categorize different spending limits.

Daily expense amount limit

Possibility to categorize different spending limits by day.

Expense amount Limit by period

Possibility to categorize different spending limits by period (per day, week, month, etc).


Expense policy

Keep policies visible and up-to-date so users can read. It also ensures that people give knowledge of existence signing the policy prior to the access of the tool.


Allows to automatically compute expenses against different taxes (VAT, Income tax).


Single sign-on

Users can authenticate with the provider the company deffine: Active Directory, Google, One Login, etc.

Petty cash

It allows to efficiently manage and control petty cash in multiple locations.

Magic Scan

Quickly capture the images of the receipts so all the relevant data are identified to automate the expenses reports.